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    PowerVPS support review

    I signed up with PowerVPS recently and have been very impressed with their tech support.

    I would reccomend them for anyone new to VPS, as they will help with even the simplest problems to much more advanced issues and all support is free!

    They worked patiently with me through a problem that was caused by an error on my part. Throughout the process they were very helpful, professional & never made me feel stupid.

    I am very happy with PowerVPS & recommend it to others! The support is top notch & very fast!

    This is my first VSP and they have made the transition & learning process very easy.

    I considered a few other companies before choosing PowerVPS & selected them because of others positive reviews of their tech support. If you require support you will not be disappointed!

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    I couldnt be more happier with PowerVPS / Defenderhosting. They have one of the most passionate support crew around. I have to say they are simply the best there is.

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    i'm seconding.
    I'm with powervps since a month now and never been so happy with a vps provider...

    My previous vps provider is probably dying from problems with support.... It's shamefull because this was one of the best company for vps ... Also, it was run by one of the best sysadmin i met...

    Powervps is just great and I do recommend it to anyone who wants a linux vps.

    ** powervps didn't pay me for this message I just liked them.

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    Just signed up for them last week, and I love it already. I get responses back in matter of minutes.

    I would recomened them to anyone needing a good VPS company.

    FXH, Inc :: Web Hosting, Web Design, rsync and R1Soft Backup Solutions, and more!

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    Hmmm, adloc, you're beginning to sound a little boosterish... I took your glowing reviews of PowerVPS in other threads at face value because they were in context. But now you start a new thread just to say PowerVPS is fantastic again... Are you just so thrilled that you must tell the world or is something else going on? Planting raves can really backfire on a company.


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    Originally posted by Brikface
    Are you just so thrilled that you must tell the world or is something else going on? Planting raves can really backfire on a company.

    not too sure on adloc's earlier reviews/post. Heres my few cents worth from a post I just made from which this excerpt comes:

    I have had the misfortune of hosting with some real bottom feeders. I have also had the experience of hosting with the likes of Servint and DIY. In my view Servint run an tight ship and my experiences with them have been very good and can
    not be faulted. Service and support via the NOC is good but a little imtimidating for a newbie like me. But their forum is great and even for someone like me with no technical knowledge simple posts are answered with clarity and encouragement. I got a lot of stuff/configs done just by reviewing and posting on their forums; an exceptional resource. DIY have up until a month ago for me also been good. True I didnt have any mission critical sites hosted with them but their support had been good. However most recent events have cast light on differences both in terms of support and server configurationof both providers with Powervps. Now in a nutshell in my opinion these guys are great. My VPS is lighting fast in comparison to a similar account held at Servint and as for support; tickets are answered in minutes and I mean in 'minutes'. If memory serves the longest support ticket response I have had to endure was little under 1 hour. My questions however minor are answered in a courteous, professional and helpful matter. If they can go the extra mile they will. They dont install configure 3rd party scripts like the others but they do help out where they can. I couldnt indeed wouldnt recommend Powervps if I didnt think they were worth it. Bottom line; I moved from Servint to Powervps and I noticed the differences; now I am just waiting for Powervps to sort out the windows vps's as once they do I will move my DIY accounts across as well.

    I couldnt really say it better than that.

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    I just moved to PowerVPS yesterday based upon the positive reviews here, and initial impressions are good. I had my VPS setup within a few hours, and some additional software setup via ticket request was done within 30 minutes or so of opening the ticket, with some of it over and beyond what they were required to do. This was on a Sunday also.

    I've heard real good things about ServInt and Liquidweb also, but of these three, PowerVPS was the only one that said I could initiate my own VPS backups and restores, which is something I wanted.

    I'm tired of moving hosts, hopefully this will work out longer than the others have.

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    I am as well a powervps customer, and as stated many times before, you will NOT be disappointed! I have had my VPS for some months now, and I couldn't be happier.... Thanks Veena and Charles!

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    you know, you know, you know... I signed up with PowerVPS today after e-mailing them and two other favorites here at WHT. Charles's responses to my questions seemed a little more personal, comforting and reassuring than the other two. So, even though one of the other competitors was cheaper if I doubled what I ordered from PowerVPS, from my communications with Charles thus far I thought I'd get better, more personal service from PowerVPS. So, I opted for PowerVPS.

    Notice that I did not mention the other two I considered. That is because I think their servers may provide the same uptime, etc. (I give the benefit of the doubt), but require a higher learning curve.

    Of course, I'm only talking about the pre-sign up and sign up process (with which Mike had been very, very helpful). But, if what I have experienced thus far is an indication, I think PowerVPS will have me for a while.

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    I don't work for PowerVPS, I was just posting out of appreciation.

    They helped me get set up with my new VPS & even helped me work through issues with a 3rd party script, which is outside of their usual support. I meant these posts as a thank you to them for this.

    PM me if you want info on my company or proof that is is real.

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    Just to further the praise of PowerVPS, I've been with them since January and have been happy. Little problems here and there but support has always been there to help. No complaints at all here.

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    We've been with PowerVPS for a few months with no complaints. Their support, performance, uptime are all good to excellent (depending on how harsh you grade). Lets hope the support doesn't slide over time like many other sucessful, growing hosts.

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    but powerVPS doesn't support Windows .....5555

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    Originally posted by skyaus
    but powerVPS doesn't support Windows .....5555
    true, but their windows VPS beta program is almost finished and even as a beta its stable. So look into their windows in a month or 2.

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