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    Exclamation Free Text links in exchange for uploading Britney photos!

    Hello all! I am in the process of launching this new Britney Spears site, it will be by far one of the best out their! My goal is to get this site listed high in search engines, which I will! The term Britney Spears is searched over 115,000 times a day, so if this site gets into some of the top search engines, which I'm sure it will, this can be a great opportunity for you! I'm hoping to launch this in a day or so, so act fast! The design of this site is amazing, so I'm sure it will take off without a problem!

    The Deal: We are hoping to have one of the most exclusive online Britney Spears photo gallerys ever created, with the most pics! To get your SITE WIDE link on our new Britney Site, all you will have to do is upload photos! It only takes a couple seconds to upload each photo, so this offer is a steal!

    25 photos gets you 1 month site-wide
    50 photos gets you 2 months site-wide
    75 photos gets you 4 months site-wide
    100 photos gets you 6 months site-wide
    150 photos gets you 1 year site-wide
    225 photos gets you 2 year site-wide!
    425+ gets you a lifetime site-wide!

    Their are categories to which you will need to upload into, no nude photos, and photos must be of somewhat good quality. This site will have several PR5- PR6 sites linking to it, so the PR will increase fast and it will get indexed just as fast as well! We have a great advertising plan in the works to help our launch, too!!!

    If you are interested, send me a PM and I will send you the link, since the site is not up yet, I don't want to publically anounce its launch untill I get many photos in their! No registration required, however, the photos will all be tracked via IP to see if you have or have not uploaded the correct amount. Since our site is not yet indexed, I would suggest either the 4 month plan or up to truely get visitors to your site! By that time, we will be listed and should be getting thousands of uniques per day! Thanks to all who wish to help
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    Just added since I really need some added today, I'll also put your banner up site-wide at the bottom of everyone of our pages. So thats a text link and a banner, both site wide! I'll be on the rest of today if you would like to help


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    Just pm'd you with a couple of questions
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    Got two great replys from members...they will be adding their photos to our site shortly! In the mean time, do I have anyone else that is interested??

    I suppose I can go a head and give the sites address: Britney Spears Looking forward to more great replys

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