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    Host moves to US Servers, where do I stand ?

    I have a number of websites hosted on UK Servers, with a UK hosting company.

    They appear to be moving to a reseller arrangement, and have migrated the accounts (and not data yet) to andhosting.

    Where do I stand with this change ?

    I was not consulted (nor did I expect to be) but the response times from the US are terrible (~330ms) , and as the majority of my viewers are in the UK, I selected a UK company who had their own servers in the UK, not a reseller of US hosting.

    Any suggestions as to what I can do ?


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    Move to another UK based host?
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    Get in contact with your host and find out what the situation is.

    Ask them if you can be kept on a UK based server becacuse of your target audience and if they won't help you out then it might be time to find another provider.

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    I should have been more specific, I already have a UK host waiting to go, and they host my mirror site.

    I fully intend to move, just as soon as I find out what status they leave my domains in.

    At the moment, there has been NO data transfer, just account set ups and DNS migration.


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    Hi Mark,

    It seems odd that they would move to the USA when starting in the UK, normally it's the other way around.

    I would just look for another provider that has servers in the UK.

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