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Thread: multiple IPs

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    multiple IPs

    From what I have learned, reverse DNS allows only one DN per IP; therefore there is a problem if one has multiple DN for one IP.

    The solution use different IP on the same host. Many dedicated hosting services allow multiple IPs.

    My question is, how does one practically use multiple IP on one server. Does this mean one have to have multiple network cards; or can one network card handle multple IPs.

    If one does the command ifconfig (or ipconfig), what IP does it return if one has multiple IPs on one server.

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    On NIC can handle multiple IP address by aliasing the secondary IPs.

    In FreeBSD you would type the command:

    ifconfig interface (eg bge0 or rl0) alias ip netmask
    James Lumby

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    One NIC will do.

    It would return the primary IP, which was the first IP added to the machine, also unless specifically configured any outgoing traffic from the box will come from the primary IP.

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    If all outgoing traffic will have one IP only, then I guess there is not much point in having multiple IP for the reason of multiple reverse DNS entries (one for each IP) since the checking done by remote server/client will see only one IP and the reverse DNS will generate only one maping to one DN.

    Why then do one want multiple IPs for one server?

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