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    oscommerce the best way to skin

    hello guys i want to start costumizing my oscommerce
    i was taking a look at the themes and they are pretty difficult do u know some software or something that will make it easier to skin oscommerce i can design something with photoshop but is kind of difficult to make it work with oscommerce

    or do you know any other good shopping carts that will work for an online store that are easy to skin thanks in advance

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    If oscommerce seems to hard for you, look at zen-cart or creloaded both are versions of oscommerce but with at lot of plugins already added and both have easy to use template systems.

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    I do not like both OsCommerce and Zen, as they will change my template into their template designs.

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    oscommerce does not have a template system, but you can manually mod the files to look about any way you like. (using php and html)

    zen-cart and creloaded have template systems.

    The newest version of zen-cart also offers a higly customizable template based on css. Ie. you can change the look by only modifying the stylesheet.

    But if you do not know, php, html and/or css , you will probably be better of buying the services of a design company.

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    oScommerce IS easy to skin. However, I don't like the fact that its so insecure.

    Try skinning suncart or x-cart

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    I have used and Skinned Zen-Cart before.. If your worried about osCommerce being insecure then you could always use a different cart OR try to make it more secure.. add more security measuements.. have someone encode it?

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    At sitepoint, they recommend me the bugmall, not bad and I really don't like oscommerce without secure administration access.

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    ok so theres other ones that are better than Oscommerce and easier to skin if so can u give me a run down of them

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    i dont really need my whole website to be run by script i just need to be able to accept payments , checkout , add things to shopping cart for check out , item descriptions,etc ..
    i can build a design on html convert it to PHP and include a small script to sell a few items , if u can take a look at this script maybe something simple like that or something that will list the items pictures , more details etc i just need the item info info + Buy i dont need the navigation etc

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