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    New server nameservers

    I decided to move to new server
    I changed IP's to my registar but i cannot setup my new server nameservers.
    They say are assigned to another dns
    I went to my old server tried to delete and display cannot delete because are registered by ICANN
    check it if you want
    my nameservers are ns1 and

    Nameserver Ip Assignment
    Sorry, the nameserver already has the ip assigned to it.

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    Contact your DC to first unregister the old name servers and then try to add the new name servers in the new box.
    ESC :wq!

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    The problem is WHM acting in panic mode (official definition), or preventing possible screw-ups by making things harder (common definition) -- whichever definition suits you best.

    All you need to do is edit /etc/nameserverips and put your Nameservers to the IPs you've assigned them. If the file is blank then run:

    WHM > Server Setup > Manage Nameserver IPs

    and then edit the file. - for all your Hosting needs
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