Now that things have settled down a bit...it is time once again to post here.

I think I'll again offer the basic $10/week for the first 15 tickets offer again...it seems to have worked the best. Please...no combining this offer with one of the other offers. At that low price...I'm already practically working for nothing!

I continue to be available for tech support for hosting companies every week..Monday through Friday...10PM to 9AM EST and Saturday and Sunday from 10PM to 6AM. I have stopped trying to have daytime availability..it's too much to ask of one person. This post won't be a long one...it's just too easy to find the other posts if you want more details about me and what I do.

In addition to the normal tasks I do...support Cpanel on Linux and am learning to support both Plesk and Helm on Windows 2003...I am working on two new services. Offsite backup storage and server monitoring. I am currently working on both...but at this time can offer the first five people to respond to this...these two offers. I think five people for each offer is a good place to start to see how that figures into what I already do.

Ok. Offer #2-setting up backups from within Cpanel...and storing them off your server(s) on two other servers in two different NOCs.
These backups will be stored in protected directories..and will have two levels of security for added peace of mind. You will have access to these backs via a simple control panel 24/7...but I can do a reasonable number of normal restores as needed while I am on shift at no extra charge. I honestly think that if someone had a service like this that was both secure and affordable...more people would make and manage backups. I may even be able to work on a solution that would give your customers access to their own backups as well.

In addition, these archives will be verified as having a corrupted backup isn't much better than having no backup at all! As a introductory special...and to see what interest there is in this...I think $5.00/week is a very reasonable price..and will cover up to 2GB of stored, compressed backup filesets.

Ok. Offer #3-staffed overnight monitoring. This service will be available for $10.00/week as well.To start...you will have either a inhouse monitor on the servers or a monitoring service setup to alert me there is a problem with one of your servers. Instead of just having a pager..I will be here to do a number of necessary things...remote reboot through a orbit or orbit-like NOC control panel...or...if just one service is down...be able to log in to WHM...and restart the service...and do basic troubleshooting to see why the service failed. This $10.00 will cover one major instance
something like graceful restart, hard reset restart or complete reboot (either from a control panel or submitting a reboot ticket to the NOC) and then $2.00 each instance after that..or three small instances (restart service. I always log back in to make sure everything restarted properly. Some of you have the same remote reboot option I have on my server at Iweb.ca...and I can do that as well to reboot and get the server back up.

You must PM me or email me to take advantage of these offers.

I will also offer my existing customers and anybody that wants to try the main offer..or offer 1 or 2...a taste of my newer services...proactive server problem prevention services. This is a little ways down the road..but...will entail several components like custom PHP/Perl compiles
to prevent users form hogging resources or/and crashing servers with badly written scripts and identifying possible configurations that can be exploited by hackers or users up to no good at all and complete control of all email leaving the server.