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    Thumbs up ~1 month QualityHostOnline review

    Hi all..
    I am with qualityhostonline from only 1 month.
    Before this, i was with total choice hosting (shared).
    i changed hosting only because i need a reseller plan, and the plans from totalchoice are too expensive for me

    SUPPORT: 10?
    let's start with the support... my vote is 10... i've NEVER seen a support like this... they always reply to my questions in an hour (also during night! i'm in italy, so there are -7 hours.. they reply me also if in usa the time is 2am!!) errrr... sorry for the bad english
    the support is always kind, and the supported me also with a personal problem in my forum!!! great!
    PS. If you write at the email, [email protected], they took also 4, 5 hours to reply.. instead, if you click on the "live support" icon on the site, and support is offline, they reply very quickly.

    never noticed a downtime (but it's only 1 month!)
    for 1 minutes there was a MySQL server downtime, i wrote to the support and they replied immediatly that they were upgrading the mysql software.
    the speed from europe is not the best (the best of my tests was surpass hosting) but it is really good.. server never overloaded, the speed is quite the same during all the day and night.
    at the moment:
    Server Load 0.07 (2 cpus)
    Memory Used 32 %
    Swap 0.935 %
    i'm not expert, but i say: not bad!

    i want to put a 9 at this vote, but i can't.
    the bandwidth make me angry!!!!!!!
    i've got the starting reseller plan.. and with 2gb space, ONLY 10GB BANDWIDTH!!!! this is an important parameter, in my opinion.
    perhaps i can't put a 6 or 7, too.. because with a reseller plan you get ssh access (good! i can untar files remotely instead of uploading 10000files!! ), you get an eNom reseller account, a dedicated ip, private nameservers, fantastico, and (yeeee i love it!!!) rvskin (quite 50% of hosting companies i tried has it).
    but the bandwidht... 1gb of addon bandwidht costs 3$/month.. the plan costs 10$, if you want more bandwidht i think that the next plan is better, with 20$/mo you get 25GB/mo.

    I think there is no more to say.. if i can help you let me know

    EDIT: eNom reseller account = domain reseller account at
    RE-EDIT: i'm on server161, at ThePlanet, dallas

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    i'm the only qho client?

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    dont use them myself, but thanks for the 1 month review teto9001 It seems to be a good provider. Let us know after 6 months

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