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Thread: VPSLand ?

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    VPSLand ?

    Not sure if any one heard/use this before ? I am looking for a starter kit VPS. I have been reading through a lot of forums here in particularly the one discussing about VPS under $10 per month. Not sure if any one has experience with the VPS Hosting Plan which is under $10 per month ?


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    May be possible but i do not believe thay can be reliable (hardware and support).

    With this price it is necessary to put a lot of VPS in a sole machine.

    Do not forget you get what you pay for.

    If you want a VPS to learn, there are something in USD 15,00/20,00 range.


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    374 offers VPS's starting at $12.50/mth offers a 32mb plan starting at $7.99/mth

    Obviously your not going to get much power out of these plans. If you can stretch your budget by about $10 more, you can get a better plan for a more stable provider

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    They come back top as a sponsored link when you google for vps.

    They seem to have a very fast network - I tried pinging from both US and europe.

    Is there still no one here who has had first hand experience with this company?

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    I signed up with them on Friday to try them out (my stuff is currently at linode) on their $19.99 a month plan.

    The plus:
    * Fast email response to questions and queries
    * Server feels fast compared to same price linode (because it has double the memory and runs xen rather than UML)

    The minus:
    * Took a bit over a day to set up, without any e-mail confirmation that they had accepted the payment, or any notice about when it might be ready, although quickly confirmed both when I emailed.
    * The server went down once yesterday. An email message recieved a quick response and restart, with the reason "We had a UPS issue this morning that has since been resolved".

    The interesting:
    * Their default installation installed quite a lot of stuff, including mysql, bind, etc. I personally prefer a clean install with just the stuff I want, but understandably different people have different desires here.
    * They don't have any confidence building public forums (like linode) and their client area FAQ is 'being updated'.

    The pure speculation (no evidence for this whatsoever):
    * They are probably very new
    * They may be one person (which is no bad thing in my opinion, because I prefer personal dedication to monolithic corporations!)

    Overall, I've been fiddling with them for two days, so no verdict yet. I'll post back to this thread in a month or so when I have a better sense of their performance.

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