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    Current views on dnsmadeeasy

    Just tried to sign up at dnsmadeeasy - their server was very slow and got an error during signup and after the Paypal payment, the payment was not shown at DME as paid. Now I can't even open the home page.

    Any recent views on DME or comments about Zoneedit?

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    I can't access the site either.
    I think the same happened a few days ago.

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    No the same did not happen a few days ago.
    We had to perform some normal system upgrades to the website and to the database. These are normal security precautions that are made when known exploits are released on software that we use.
    Would it be better to not update the software?

    Really... we need some time to upgrade some software every so often. None of the DNS or mail services were down. Just users were not able to purchase new services or add a domains for a couple of hours.

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    Originally posted by tiggee
    No the same did not happen a few days ago.
    I thought back... What I thought a few days ago was actually yesterday. And my timezone is far ahead of United States. So what I experienced should be the same day.
    Sorry for the confusion.

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    Originally posted by P2T
    Sorry for the confusion.
    Not a problem.

    We try to make security updates without our users knowing of it. But this one needed to be done ASAP so we waited till the fewest amount of users are online (which is Friday late night our time).
    Historically that is when we have very few purchases or users making changes.

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    BTW - We do apologize for any inconvenience.

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    it wasn't just the internal processes that were off. I couldn't reach the website.

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    Yes, we updated the software running the application server and the kernel on the machines. (Plus updates to the database.).

    Once again, DNS services were not affected, Mail services were not affected, Failover services were not affected.
    The only thing we needed to do was make changes to the web server and the DB that holds the user information. Not really that big of a thing.
    If the security of our user information is ever at risk we will do the same thing again. Based on the exploits we will take necessary actions. We have (and never will) ask others when a good time to make updates when the security of our users could be at risk.

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    Originally posted by tiggee
    We have (and never will) ask others when a good time to make updates when the security of our users could be at risk.
    Well why not go about getting yourselves a backup server to deal with things like this. That way everyone would be happy.


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    First of all we do have multiple backup servers.
    And really I don't really think you are an expert of our configuration and how our system operates.

    There are times when you can use backup servers and there are times when you have to take data off line. We needed to take it offline.

    It's not like our DNS services or mail services were afffected at all. Would users rather have their data on insecure and old systems? That would be silly.

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    I am getting a lot of D's at

    I am using vanity name servers and getting a lot of D's at whats going on with that ?

    Domain Type Class TTL Answer A IN 1800 NS IN 86400 NS IN 86400 NS IN 86400 NS IN 86400 NS IN 86400

    Looking up at Reports 1 A record(s). 7ms.
    Looking up at Reports 1 A record(s). 24ms.
    Looking up at Timed out.
    Looking up at Reports 1 A record(s). 31ms.
    Looking up at Reports 1 A record(s). 155ms.

    Average of all 5 nameservers: 283ms (plus 53ms overhead).

    Score: D

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    Well you obivously do not own the domain "" so it would be really hard for any person to help you. I would suggest opening a support ticket without the company that you are doing DNS with.

    DNS Stuff sometimes may have a connection problem but generally your traffic should look like the following:
    Looking up at Reports 1 A record(s). 2ms.
    Looking up at Reports 1 A record(s). 23ms.
    Looking up at Reports 1 A record(s). 3ms.
    Looking up at Reports 1 A record(s). 28ms.
    Looking up at Reports 1 A record(s). 98ms.

    Average of all 5 nameservers: 25.2ms (plus 93ms overhead).

    Score: A+

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    wow 2ms thats really close to

    same DC ?
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    I'm getting the same timeout error with my vanity DNS like
    sysadmin9. It was working great before but when I ran today, I'm surprised it's getting timeout at the vanity DNS for

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    Well if you are using DNS Made Easy I would honestly suggest opening a trouble ticket at so a tech specialist can look at your settings.

    Posting support problems in WHT probably isn't the easiest way to get a response since no one ever posts their real domain names. Plus we don't check WHT for support tickets usually.

    You are paying for the support so you mind as well use it (

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    This thread is exactly what I wanted to see. To make a long story short, I've been through three hosting companies. Recently, the last one was a disaster and only lasted 3 weeks before having (and are still having) to recover from server probs. No services for my web clients for over 48 hours -- and counting.

    I think I need DNSMadeEasy. What I can't figure out is the price. I 25 domains (and sites) I manage. They don't need dedicated IPs but they all need Email forwarding and webmail. Each site is under 500 Megabytes. Low traffic volume. PHP email ( standard PHP Script) That's it. I don't need Windows environment. UNIX is fine. I know I can contact sales but does anyone have a ballpark .. and do they nickel/dime everytime I have to add something simple?

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    Do not use DNS Made Easy for email services. If you need DNS and email then use a different provider.
    I have used them in the past... and I was not happy with the email services (like what you are using).
    If you just need DNS services, then use DNS Made Easy.
    But DNS for 25 domains will be $59.95 per year.

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    I've been using DNSMadeEasy for over 5 consecutive years for a corporate technology entity, where 40M+ annual rev comes in through the web site, and that is the ONLY point of entry for revenue. Site down = thousand lost per hour.
    I've been using DNS failover for 10-12 corporate domains, along with MX backup, and it has been rock solid from day one. I have always, and will always, continue to enthusiastically recommend their service for almost any size user.
    In the last years, I've used them for my own hosting / HA business, and they are part of the reason I am successful.

    Go DNSME!

    Pricing is straight forward...its all on one page?? Spelled out pretty simply, IMHO.
    If you create an account (free) and go to the upgrade / purchase page, all the pricing is right there.

    For DNS pricing w/o signing up for the (free) login account

    25 domains 59.95 a year, or, in perspective, less than 5 bucks a month...that includes 3 DNS failover domains. How cheap do you want it?
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    For backup email I would agree they are good (DNS Made Easy is).
    But for webmail and mail forwarding (what Govner is asking for) I would recommend going somewhere else.
    I apologize for the confusion.

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    DNSMadeEasy for DNS and Google Apps for webmail/pop3/imap. Simple like that.

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    Yeah, you can not compete with Google Apps when it comes to webmail / forwarding / etc.. It will be interesting if Google ever decides to offer DNS services. That would be something worth a try.

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