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    How much per month for a dedicated server like this?

    "dual-processor Xenon machine with 2 gigs of ram, 2 hot-swap SCSI drives and a hardware RAID card, and redundant power supplies"

    So far I have not needed to make 31 posts thanks to the search function.

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    Depending on how fast the Xeon Processors are rated, the bandwidth allocation, the size of the SCSI Harddisks, the datacenter infrastructure, the bandwidth pipes (single or multi-homed), managed or unmanaged servers, the Operating System used, Any control Panels and so on.

    Say anywhere between $250 to $1000.

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    I'm looking for a server with similar features and it will cost $350 / $450.

    Gnax has a nice Opteron, but with SATA. And fastservers has exactly what you're looking for. Sago has great hardware. Mixed reviews about them. Thaplanet is out of stock on some servers. You can check their enterprise series. The price range is higher.

    I'm going to choose Gnax or fastservers.
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    $300 - $500/mth depending on its location, bandwith/network, and support

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    it must cost about $500

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    the bandwith, network, stability are all the factor. It is about $300

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