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    Delays with Nameserver changes

    Hi folks,
    Last weekend, Friday, I made changes to one of my site's nameserver to point to a new server and it took effect the next day. I was happy, especially since it was done within such a short time.

    However, this week, I registered a new domain name, and set its nameservers to my host, and it has been 5 days and nothing is coming up. Also, for a different site, I made nameserver changes and it STILL points to the old host.

    Are there known issues related to nameservers this week? Domainpeople is the registrar, if that matters.

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    Ahh.. have you checked if the details are fine on the server? Also check if the updated details are fine on the domainregistrar.

    It never takes 5 days for the change to get affected. The max time can be 48 hours as the root servers do update the infor. within the time period.

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    Go back into your control panel with domain people first - make sure they are set up there. A client of mine actually did this last week with Godaddy - she claimed she set them up but when she looked again, she saw that she never saved the updates.

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    Sounds like the registrar is having a few technical problems. Unfortunately, this is very common for smaller registrars, too common in fact. Like others have said, I'd suggest going through, doing the change once more, make SURE that the changes saved, and then go from there.
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    Check it on another ISP, maybe your's hasnt updated their DNS. And also check it with your registar

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