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    anyone know the Best Payment gateway/merchant service for OsCommerce?

    Does anyone know of a popular, reputable and cheap payment gateway/merchant account provider. They would need to be able to work with OsCommerce (like

    There are so many shady companies out there and many hidden charges, i am sure there is but a few popular ones that people use the most for OsCommerce and have very low rates. If you are a merchant or provider dont bother replying to this thread since i need an unbiased users expirience.


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    Which gateway/processor depends entirely on which country you are based in....

    So where?

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    oh my bad, USA, and looking to be able to suport Visa, Mastercard, Amex

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    The one you have mentioned is quite good...




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    right but there are hundreds of resellers for each with different pricing, any company in particular u recommend?

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    actually the resellers i mention are just for, the others u listed i dont believe have a wave of resellers.

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    Right the others you can just contact directly.

    About , there are plenty of resellers, it depends on what you want some offer 0 start up but higher monthly payments and some others offer a higher setup and a small monthly amount.

    Just check and compare....

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    It also depends on what you might be selling. will not accept some type of products / services - mainly high risk.

    Other gateways in the US are LinkPoint and Verisign's Payflow. Most merchant account providers (MAPs) will actually work with a number of different gateways.

    Depending on what you might need, Payflow is good with it's fraud protection. LinkPoint does not charge anything extra on the transactions or have an extra charge on recurring billing. They all three offer an API to capture and process credit card transactions on your secure website to help maintain consistency.

    You might also consider Paypal in conjunction with a merchant account.

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    If you are using osCommerce, I'd recommend Authorize.Net as a gateway that has worked great for many merchants on that platform.

    There are numerous modules written for Authorize.Net with osCommerce which is the reason that I would recommend that gateway - for future flexibility, there is a lot of community support for it.

    However, the good news is that almost every major gateway has an osCommerce payment module plug-in. So pretty much no matter what gateway you use, there will be a compatible module available for it.

    You can see a list of all of the gateway modules at:

    There are a lot of things to look for in a merchant account provider, once you decide which gateway you'd like to move forward with.

    There are some other threads here covering those kinds of things but you'll want to ask about any setup fees, total monthly costs, monthly minimums, annual fees, minimum contract length and any early termination fees as well as ask about how risk issues, customer service and chargebacks are handled.

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    I thinks Paypal is the right one, I don't know the others gateway, sorry...

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    Actually Paypal is not a gateway nor a merchant account. It is a third party processor. If you do process anough enough business, Paypal might actually help you set up a merchant account though - but primarily their marketing / business plan has been for third party processing

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    I highly recommend Linkpoint. They have a plugin for OScommerce. There are no additional charges for recurring billing and they do not charge a transaction fee!


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