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    Question phpBB Forum Host

    I want to run a phpBB forum for my Nerf website, and I downloaded phpBB but some weird stuff happened. I was told this on the phpBB website forum.

    Quote Originally Posted by Anon
    PHP is not like HTML, it can't be run off the fly. You need webhosting software like apache, plus database software like MySQL, and PHP to process it. All the above are free and open source. As has been said, unless you want to self host (not recommended), you can find a free webhost at wwwDOTwebhostingtalkDOTcom
    I had to put the DOTs in there because it says I can't link anywhere until I get 5 posts (probably an anti-porn filter thing) but yeah...

    SO this all seems like gibberish to me. I'm confused. I need a free host that can do all of what Anon said, preferably with little to no advertisements. It would be great if they can host my main site too, not just the forum, but either way is cool as long as I can link back and forth.
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    Try posting or searching on
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