We offer full server management, initial server setup, troubleshooting, repair, and security configuration.

All jobs are worked in pairs to offer quick assistance and a wide knowledge base.



  • Combined experience in server maintenance for 7 years, from emergency situations and damage control to routine checkups on *nix systems. From minor to major problems.
  • Experience in setting up dedicated servers from scratch for hosting companies and other online businesses in very little time. Extensive knowledge of cPanel/WHM.
  • Troubleshooting and repair of problems that occur due to poor configuration or are caused by software incompatibilities.
  • Penetration testing and securing of servers.
  • Broad background in computer and network security. Kernel hardening, script repair, firewall configuration and exploit testing are just a few things that we can do for you.


Programming Languages:

C / C++
Objective C
Java / Javascript
C Sharp (C#)


Please contact sales [at] unsitesolutions [dot] com for more information or a price quote. References to previous services rendered are available upon request.

Thomas K.
UN Site Solutions (http://www.unsitesolutions.com)