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    Question what about AMD athlon ?


    I want to know every thing about AMD athlon ?

    is it good?


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    they are very good ,aslo dear dnd stability

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    I recommend AMD 3200+ Barton over any single die we offer. They kick ___.
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    I'd use AMD anytime. Rock solid.

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    I'd go AMD 64 instead of a normal XP
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    AMD 3000+ Barton
    Athlon AMD XP 2800

    is it good for hosting server ??

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    I have been using AMD 3000+ Barton, for the last 7-8 minths have to say its a great CPU with good pricing.

    This is my first AMD and have to say will only go with AMD in the future

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    is it better than P4 2.4 ????

    AMD 3000+ Barton price intersted me


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    Intel makes chips, and AMD makes chips.

    Back in Pentium 3 days they were mostly comparable (though AMD had a slight lead), then Intel realized that people didn't understand CPU performance, and that higher megahertz numbers meant people thought they were more powerful.

    So, they took the marketing opportunity and produced a chip (the P4) that was less powerful than a P3 at the same clockrate, but could be pushed to huge speeds. They had Itanium for high-end processing.

    So, AMD started marking their chips with the pseudo-MHz ratings -- my Athlon 1800 doesn't run at 1800 MHz; instead it gives comparable performance to a P3 at 1.8 GHz.

    Anyway, while Intel was milking the money from easy marketing, AMD was making better chips, like those that can run 32 and 64 bit code with no penalty (the Itanium sucked with 32 bit legacy code), and designs that offered a memory layout that allowed multiple processor builds to scale much better.

    Anyway, AMD offers better chips right now, but the hyperthreaded Xeons you can get from Dell ain't bad either. Building a box? AMD. Buying? Not a whole lot of choice, but Xeons aren't bad by any means. Give it 18 months and Intel may jump ahead again. Or not.

    You're buying for now though. Just buy a good box and don't sweat the details.

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    In my opinion Intel servers are the best - but If you need cheap machine with good processor take an Athlon .
    For sure you will be glad.

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    AMD has great chips, but because of the motherboard

    My only AMD PC right now had a problem with its network. When I set up the cable modem, I just couldn't get the cable modem to work from my AMD PC, until I plug in my ThinkPad and everything worked from there.

    The strange thing is, it works perfectly when connected to the router.

    At my work, I also had problems with AMD based computers for all kinds of problems. As far as I know, Microsoft had some AMD specific patches.

    I have to say AMD is really fast, but you have to consider the reliability of the whole system - including motherboard, drive/RAID controller, drives, memory... AMD had the distadvantage of relying on third party for motherboards, and it shows. I would be hesitate to use AMD for mission critical server.

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