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    Do you think your webhoster is the best? Chalice Web - 17 month REVIEW

    Domain that is hosted at Chalice Web is my main site:

    Well what to say really, Chalice Web has not changed at all.
    They are still awesome at the level of service they give to their clients. They are very polite and treat you with the dignity and respect that all clients should demand.

    Chalice Web's network provider Atjeu Datacentre has created a great layout of a network for Chalice Web to use. There was a couple of instances where the network had a few imminent problems by network wide DDOS attacks. This was mitigated in a couple of minutes and we where backup and running. During this outage of the network, Chalice Web did communicate in everyway possible to get the message out to their clients.

    I have to commend them on such a great choice of picking Atjeu as their datacentre.

    Support at Chalice Web is available in the following mediums:

    1) Livechat
    2) Helpdesk
    3) Phone
    4) Forums

    Each form of contact with Chalice Web you will experience for what i have taken for granted for sometime. They have always gone above and beyond the call of duty, in every instance. Support helpdesk tickets are well presented and thorough in their analogy, so no one-liners.

    I can't really say anything more, because there are really no words to explain how good Pia & Michael treat you and how well they run their business.

    Chalice Web caters for all Australian and International markets. So if you want the awesome support and the respect of Aussies.

    Please do try out Chalice Web, I will guarantee you the hosting experience will far surpass your wildest experiences.

    There website is at

    Come over to Chalice Web and feel the power of hosting.

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