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    Business Logos - ** [$15 - $40] 2 Years Experience.

    Hello, all viewers and Customers.

    I offer quality web templates that you can afford, I also do simplistic yet effective and creative logos that represent your company and give your identity a powerful outlook. My web layouts provide your company with a highly effective and professional look. They come in a variety of styles and themes including - Gaming, Hosting, Company Sites, Photography portfolios, and even your own web design portfolios. I also provide you with a coded homepage made using HTML or PHP.

    Pricing varies from site to site. Pricing generally starts at $50 USD for a custom site design, and to have the index page coded in HTML. Please contact me (PM Feature of this site. Or you can email myself at [email protected] ) to get an estimate for your specific website needs. I will reply to you as soon as possible.

    If you are looking for a custom site design you can also PM me and add me to MSN Messenger.

    Logo Designs generally start at about $20 USD and go through to about $50 depending on the time put in to the logo itself. You can contact me the same way for custom site designs.

    Anyway, Enough of the boring info

    Down to the sales.
    Now, These logos have a set price, the reason being for that is because they were not custom made. If you decide to purchase one of these logos just PM me with a few simple contact details and what you want the text to be changed to.

    1.BlueHorizon ( $ 40 )

    2.Dynamic Funtions ( $25 )

    3.goHobbies ( $15 )

    4.HillCrest ( $25 )

    5.How2Freelance ( $20 )

    6.How2Freelance2 ( $20 )

    7.OnTheRox's Bar and Grill ( $30 )

    8.SushiDom ( $30 )
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    Awesome stuff youve got there fivenine. They should go fast!

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    Providing the Best Hosting at the Cheapest Prices!

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    Those are some cool logos!

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    Fivenine is a great person and his logo's are outstanding, good luck with the offer fivenine,

    Kind Regards,
    Professional graphics designer, always available for work.

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    you have some very nice logo's, good luck with your sale!

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    Well thankyou boxed pixels.. Made my day

    Mucho Respecto.

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    Chuck Norris' mother called him Charles once... Once.

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    You sure showed some great stuff.

    BlueHorizon and gohobbies are really great

    Good luck on sales.

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    Great job on the logos. Hope you find some generous, high-paying customers!

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    Very good work, hope they go fast!

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    Thankyou for your kind comments.

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    Very nice indeed!

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    Damn man, this is called "VARIETY". Very very nice work. Good luck.
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    Thank you very very much CSDESK, aingaran and all others.

    Go hobbies - Sold.

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    Very nice work.

    How much for a full servie like BlueHorizon?

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    $50 - 70 depending on time spent on it.

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