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Thread: Warning Points

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    Warning Points

    Just take a look at this thread:

    It is completely sad, people simply do not follow directions. Even if they cannot PM/E-mail through the board, it is not hard at all to make 5 posts. People like this drive me crazy, and even somewhat makes WHT look unprofessional as its' members cannot follow simple directions. When I posted my employment ad, people did the same. Which is why I think if a user gives exact directions on how to contact them in the Advertising forums, and the user does not follow them, I think it should issue in some warning points. Just a thought of course .
    Tyler Cole
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    It will never happen. People will abuse the rule, and it's kinda dumb to be warned about though.

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    Warning points? Not to sure.

    The PM rule is enough I think.

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    good idea, for a rule.

    stupidity/not following directions= 5 warning points.
    Kerry Jones

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