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    Unhappy 24HostingNow Problems AGAIN

    WeLL , ...

    This time I think we have completely had it with this place ... ( .
    We've said that several times before but decided to stick in there and give them yet another chance .

    We have a resellers account with them and have for sometime now .
    Have stuck it out thru the good times and the ever so increasingly BAD times ... the latter part of last year and this present year so far being the absolute WORST ... which only seems to be just getting just plain worst .

    Once again they are having major problems AGAIN and this one has been going on for a few days now .

    For starters : We had email problems then Our main site was down , ... then back up ... then down ... then up ... However, NOW , it points to a green page ( NOT OURS )
    that says the following :
    " There is no website configured at this address...
    You are seeing this page because there is nothing configured for the site you have requested.
    If you think you are seeing this page in error, please contact the site administrator or datacenter
    responsible for this site. ".

    Our hosted sites ( places we host to ) are either down AGAIN or they cannot login to anything , neither Cpanel or Email
    because once again everyones passwords have been changed at 24hostingnow end ( thats happened before ) .

    The sites that have come back up are NOW showing what the sites looked like Wayyyy Back in 2003 .
    The present day current sites are gone and what shows is the old sites ... present data is we guess ... LOST ( AGAIN ) .
    Now , ... there was a point in time when one could say that even tho they have some problems, that tech support is phenominal and responses fast and so that alone would make ya just wanna stick around .
    However , even that has changed drastically and now just basically ... weLLLLL , ... sucks !

    Those fast responses have gone ... and we've even gotten attitude .

    We had an issue begining back on Monday , once again contacted them ... first we get that auto-responder .
    Then a few hours later a response that says there looking into it ... but then nothing ...
    later we tried emailing them but no responses ever came ... until late that nite in the wee hours we get a response saying the prob had been
    corrected and if we have any further probs to contact them ...
    WeLLLL , the problem wasnt corrected and we re-contacted them ... and to date , since then , no responses on that particular issue .

    Now we get to mid week to end of week and we see another problem(s) or problems ( some briefly touched on above ) and we put in tickets
    and get that auto-responder but Nothing comes in the form of an actual response or corrected measures .

    We got sites that cannot login to anything and / or whose website info is from 2 years ago , you cannot upload the present day backups to update that
    old info because we cannot login to cpanel or ftp because the passwords arent working . ... Sites that point to places they arent suppose to point to ...
    Etc ...

    Now we get that no response thing again .

    YUP , I really think this time we've HAD IT !

    Hmmmm ...
    Wonder if we now will get that flux of persons ( supposedly actual 24hostingnow happy pappy customers ) postng here in response who praise them and have never had any problems .... We see alot of that here
    when we see the other complaints referencing them ...
    Hmmmm ??

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    Re: 24HostingNow Problems AGAIN

    Originally posted by MB2003
    Wonder if we now will get that flux of persons ( supposedly actual 24hostingnow happy pappy customers ) postng here in response who praise them and have never had any problems .... We see alot of that here
    when we see the other complaints referencing them ...
    Hmmmm ??

    I'm curious as to why you felt it necessary to add this.

    Are you saying that only your experience with them is valid and if anyone were to post a positive opinion of them it would not be valid?

    If you have a problem with 24hostingnow why not just state it without trying to stem other opinions?

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    I'm not sure that extra statement was needed either, but all the same...
    ...I noticed they don't list a contact phone number. In the past I have often found that a company that doesn't list a phone number is not always the best to go with, their services may be cheaper, but you may need to urgently contact someone if something goes wrong, as in your case. I noticed that live chat is also unavailable, has it always been like this?
    Take a look at the whois data for the website, It lists contact information, try contacting them through there.

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    If all your getting is data from 2 years ago, then likely they lost a hard drive, had no recent backups.

    Good luck. Keep us informed.

    - HN Mike
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    There seems to be a concern about the last statement made in our original post , we'll address that now :
    This is why that was said :
    In our research / reviews of what other persons might be having problems with and / or at 24 hosting now , 24hostingnow ...
    We see that there are quite a few complaints here at this forum and a continuously growing number at other places we also frequent .
    In all fairness there is also a lot of good posted about them which includes a lot of our past post mainly refelecting our earlier days with them .
    In most of the complaints and / or concerns raised by others that we've read that have had or are having problems also ,
    we see a pattern of ... after the poster post the intitial complaint / concern there seems to then be these immediate
    responses that immediately attempt to counteract the complaint with praise then even go so far as to bash the poster for the complaint which is usually backed up by then someone directly from said company adding their words of greatness ...
    We've come to view this as an ongoing pattern and as basic damage control ... 101 ... ( our viewpoint ) .

    To further add our intent is not to bash or disgrace anyone including 24hostingnow and doing a post such as this is always an absolute last resort ...
    And if our concerns were being properly , professionally addressed we would not be here now .
    Something has changed there , not sure what , However , the service you get now compared to what we've come to now call the good ole days is no match .

    To update where we are at with this now ...
    It is now about 6 A.M and we still havent had any of the issues resolved and have received no replies with resolutions or intended resolutions from tech support .
    We HAVE received the same basic email again , ... seem to get this every 12 hours or so , after we respond to the prior one ...
    Telling us that " the problems have been corrected and to Please check the same at you end and Feel free to get back to us,
    in-case you need any further assistance.".

    OK , so we then reply again to that to re-contact them again detailing the same issue(s) that isnt corrected at our end .

    By the way the sites we're referencing from our end are e-commerce and are losing a great deal of money and potential customers at this point .

    We await resolution and will update as necessary .

    We are also in the market for and are reviewing / considering other reseller packages .

    Good Day .

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    We Have Now Heard Directly From 24hostingnow's key people and AS OF 9:30 am , ALL ... ALL of our technical issues have NOW Been Corrected .

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    If you're asking me, my 1 and easiest solution for you is to just "CHANGE HOSTS". Why put yourself through all the trouble, headache and everything else if you're paying for it?

    It's just as if you're actually saying... "Hey, could I give you money to give me a headache, stress and etc?" Pointless ain't it?

    Anyway, think of my suggestion. Since your problems has now been rectified and you could now function as normal, you could move away FAST!!! Go to someone who know what he's doing and who gives good service. Forget about 24hosting...

    That's my 1 and best suggestion 4 u.
    Aaron Ong
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    Here is what happened on Friday:

    Some of our operating system files were found to be corrupted on that server. We contacted our datacenter and they reloaded a new operating system. We then mounted the old drive to the server and we started restoring domains from the that drive. I wonder where you see the old data of 2 years ago? Please email me to check this.

    About the fast responses, have you tried our live chat and speak with a tech there? We do provide live chat on our site and i can assure you get instant communication with our techs.

    However, that day we had to reload OS and restore many accounts. For that reason we had too much tickets and live chat requests and responses may not be as fast as other normal times.

    I really don't see the problem here except the fact that our replies to your requests that day were not normal due to heavy load on tickets from customers on that server. Ofcourse i can understand your frustration and how you felt when someone could not answer your tickets right away like normal days.

    MB2003, like aodat2 said, you are free to cancel any time. If you think you are not completely satisfied with our service then there is no obligation to stay with us..

    I will not be here for more replies, so please feel free to email me personally about this or any other issue and i 'd be glad to discuss with anything with you.
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