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    automaticaly resizing an image so it fits ...

    on the screen in dreamweaver or fireworks, I have this image which will be the homepageof my site but it is way too big I have to scroll to the left to see all of it I am wondering if it's possible in dreamweaver to auto refit the size of the image so it fits in the visible area for the image, if not in dreamweaver fireworks or adobe or any other tool that can do this function


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    You can set the width of the image to 100% instead of pixels, and remove the height attribute, then it will scale. This is a function of the client browser, not your image editor. I'm not sure this wouldn't just make your image its full size, though.

    Your larger problem is, if your homepage is just one big graphic, you've missed the point of the web entirely. Not to be harsh about it, but if your site is just a graphic, then you don't have any text.

    Without text, your content can't be copied and pasted, nor can it be indexed by Google, searched for, or used by anybody who won't wait for a huge graphic to load or has images switched off, or a visual disability.

    Any content you enter is locked inside a graphic file, so updating your site can't be done by editing the text of your HTML page, you'd have to use Dreamweaver. Not very maintainable.
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    are you inserting this image in an HTML file ?
    are you using tables to center the image ?
    do you only want to resize the image ?

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    I think before you set the image size properties of the image you should determine the size of the image you need for the page. No use in adding a 1024x768 image and then setting its size attributes in html to 320x480. It would be a waste of space.

    If you have Dreamweaver do you have Fireworks too? You can resize using that.

    If you need a free image utility then Irfanview works really well.
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