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Thread: liquidweb rocks

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    liquidweb rocks

    Yea I am sold, I've got boxes at the planet and one at liquidweb, anyhow I had a guy sign up and use a stolen card, I usually catch these, but this one slipped by me and sent out a few spam mails, anyhow rather then unplug and ask questions later, they logged in, disabled the account and life went on!

    Very satisfied with their abuse policy.

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    In the case of spam complaints I think most hosts give the owner of the server some notice and ask them to clean it up, then pull plugs only in the case of failure to comply (Thats our policy anyway).

    I also think LiquidWeb is a managed host, an unmanaged host doesn't even usually keep a password on file for the server.

    Not to minimize it, it's very good of them to do, I just don't think the comparison is completely fair.

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    Yep, LW is great when it comes to support. We have been very happy with their assistnce in several problems that they did not need to help with.

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    EZZI pulled my plug once for a exploit with PHP that was generating spam one time not too long ago. I didnt get any notice, but I would do the same to protect other customers and equipment, and they had me back up as soon as I fixed it.

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    I have been with Liquid Web about 15 months. They really are great people. Every time that I have needed to contact them, it has always been very professional and friendly.

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    I second what was said abotu liquidweb, they are great, good people and are very very professional and always add a personal touch.
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    Very few services can hold a torch to

    I've seen far too many hosts have major downtime due to boxes being pulled and having only email access to the abuse team. is nothing short of one of a kind.

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    LW is rocksolid, their service and support is really marvelous.

    very gj LW

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    I love liquidweb, not currently hosting with them as I sold my company but I'll be back with them as soon as my new site gets built.

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    great great great service.

    fast, and professional, the staff is ready for any kind of trouble.

    Im very happy with LiquidWeb.

    I hope LiquidWeb grow and stay with the same quality.

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    I just recently moved to liquidweb after being with servermatrix for 3+ years and i must say I'am glad i made the switch. Once i have been with the company long enough to write a review i will do so.


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    Thank you all very much for the feedback!
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