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    Perm text link for phpbb design

    Looking for someone to either make me a custom phpbb skin, or just a template they have around that they have made or whatever.

    Theme: Gaming (or dark, or gaming + dark)
    Game: RTCW:ET:QW (Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Enemy Territory, Quake Wars)
    Quake Wars is a new game coming out, and I am working on . I need a skin that would work. Notice there are -alot- of links.

    Or, if someone could link me to a good free one that would be great. (no's please )

    And, in exchange, you will get a permanent link on

    http://QWFORUM.COM (On bottom, skin provided by: your name)


    http://IMAGEHUT.ORG - Where it says "Your link here"

    2 (two) domains.

    Now, that is if you give me one you made/make one for me. If you just link me to one I choose, you will get it on for one month, no domains.

    Note that the skin need to work with alot of links, and the portal.

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    Still looking.

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