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    * CinVin vBulletin Styles -- Grand opening specials!

    I'm very happy to say that my newest project has been launched,!

    As part of our grand opening celebration we have a few specials going on....

    - Buy 1, get one free! Buy any style of your choice this weekend and you get a second style of your choice absolutely free.

    - 15% off your total purchase price! When placing your order enter "grandopening" in the Discount Code box to claim your discount.

    Yes, you can combine the specials! You can buy one style with a 15% off discount and then get a second style absolutely free.

    For additional information about claiming your free style visit our main page here at You can check out the styles we currently have available here In the coming weeks additional styles will be available as well.


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    Very nice styles you have there and at a great price. If I was in need of a new style I would buy one right away!

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    I'm confused who made the skin on your main page. has the skin in their portfolio as well. Are both companies affiliated?

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    And created the armada skin from what I believe...

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    Vibesolutions: That particular design was orginally going to be used at and was subsequently purchased from the owner (TheWebJunkie). In the days ahead you'll be seeing another of their designs available as well.

    Fluous: Correct, Vica is the designer of the Armada style. He's a great designer and you'll find his designs in several different places.

    CreativeLogic: Thanks for the feedback!
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    Having the skin in our portfolio means that we made it, not that we still own or have the rights over it. It was made for TalkConsoles but never got used and the owner sold it to these people. Good luck with your site there.

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    Thanks for helping to clarify that, Dom'. We think xRobot is going to the next one released on the site.

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    Thank you everybody for the positive responses received! To thank everybody we've added another new style named xRobot. It's a sleek hi-tech style in shades of orange & silver.

    The price of xRobot is only $14.99 and, call us crazy, you can use it as part of this weekend's grand opening specials. That means you can buy xRobot for $14.99, get 15% off, and then claim a second style absolutely free!

    The "buy 1, get 1" sale is for this weekend only but if you miss out this weeekend you can still take advantage of the 15% off special. To check out xRobot you can get more information here or you can view it in the demo forums here.

    Thanks again, everybody.

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