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    User Name and Password for a Publishing Point

    I am running a remote Windows Server 2003 with Windows Media Services 9. I need to assign passwords to the users of the publishing points to access the encoder and broadcast a live event. Could anyone help me?
    Thanks in advance.

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    in the control panel ,perhaps you can find it

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    did you find it ?

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    I could not try since Windows Media Server desapeared from the server (it is in the registry but the folder WMS is empty). By the way, could anyone give me an idea how to solve this problem?
    It is a remote domain named Windows server 2003 Std.

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    try reinstalling from cdrom

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    The Windows Media Services were installed again, thanks.
    Anyone can detail the steps to authenticate to log into a broadcast publishing point and start a live broadcast, but not require the users of the broadcast to authenticate? I could not find the correct combination in the Publishing point control panel.

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    anyone guys to help with media ?

    im sorry im most used to shoutcast,
    and since we provide dedicated servers,
    its been a long time from last time i
    configured windows media and i dont
    remember how i have done it before...

    it should be available thought via the panel...

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