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    10mbps+ ded.server with lots of tranasfer

    after looking at this forum on many occasions in my quest for a reasonabley priced ded.server ive decided to come and ask.

    i have looked at hivelocity,sagonet,acunett,fdcservers.
    only hivelocity will allow a phone order as i do not and will not put any info like that online.nor use paypal. i will call and give my c.c info and anything else they may need .

    im wanting at least say 1250gb+ of transfer @10mbps or more for under $99 a month with no setup fee preferably.
    i would like a 1 day turn around once payment has been made,i dont want to be in the dark for a week waiting like some people ive seen post here.

    preferably windows os,but have someone who can setup linux/bsd so thats no big deal.
    other than that i have no preferences.

    oh btw i am in the dallas texas area if that matters

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    Have you looked at offers?
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    yeah cheapest i see there is $99 and only 1000gb of transfer with a $199 setup.
    unless i missed something,thanks for the link though.
    hivelocity has unmetered @10mbps for $79 with a $99 setup,which i am leaning to and know a few who use it,but i am wanting to see if anyone else has anything better with around 1250gb+ of transfer or reasonably priced w/out a setup.since i doubt i will go over 1250gb of transfer but i would rather have the excess than to go over and pay for each overage.
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    sw33t do you have any preferences in terms of bw quality?
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    colde that is good, nice one

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