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    Need Advise From The More Experienced

    Ok chaps... here goes...

    I gave a number of sites on a dedicated server thats running Plesk as the control panel, I want to move everything onto another dedicated server I have but this one has a different control panel. Basically what I really need the advice on is how to ensure there is no downtime during this move.

    If anyone has done this kinda thing before then please reply with a basic step by step guide so I can make sure I dont miss anything.

    Regards =)
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    Well, I can't tell you about moving control panel files, but for individual sites...
    If any of the sites have MySQL databases...
    1) Create the databases on the new server
    2) backup your old databases. Put all forums/anything else that writes to the database offline, so your backups are complete.
    3) Transfer the backups to hte new server.
    4) Make sure all your applications point to the databases on the new server.
    Hard parts over . Now just transfer the DNS stuff and website over.

    Now to transfer core system files and the like... perhaps you should do a search (I beat Sirius to saying it )

    Good luck,

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