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    ModerniBill expirience!

    I work at a hosting company and we want to the ModernBill software, so if you could share your experience with ModernBill, what gateways you used and any other alternatives of that software it would be highly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance!

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    We have been using ModernBill for about 16 months. I guess once you get the system configured it does what it claims. They have just recently release ver 4.3 and in this latest build they have "re-fined" alot of their features.

    We are using
    CPanel server modules
    Integrated eSupport help desk
    OpenSRS modules.

    The software is a bit complicated when you first start (then again this is true with most software) because it have too many features build-in to it.

    Good luck...

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    they are very good, provides an easy interface b/n you and your clients. many companies use such third party softwares.

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    Using MB here, with eSupport desk intergrated + + St George Bank. I'm happy with that mix. Aussie Bob, host since 2001
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    I just started out using ModernBill... I looked over all the other CP's and decided on this one because it has a good help desk built-in and also it has a great user area.

    Configuring it, is indeed, overwhelming, but I know that once its setup it will do everything I need to do and more. So its just getting to that point will be hard.

    Right now I just use the PayPal gateway and probably going to go with 2checkout or next.

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    I am using it. It works, but has lots of bugs. Tech support is BAD. Many basic features still missing, so at times I have to go around doing redundant things just to get something done.

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    watch out

    Ok, I would think twice about modernbill.

    check out clientExec first... remember, you cant switch the software easily once a lot of clients are on it. Youll be stuck. I sourly regret going with MBill:
    -This system is just not designed for business customers or any non-technical customers. The interface is imho rediculous. Not only does it not support PDF invoices yet (been 'coming soon' for YEARS), but when customers log in, they see all sorts of complicated features, and no clear place to pay an invoice. And even the invoices are very unclear... There is a tiny Pay Online link and also PayPal subscribe and clients find it confusing and inappropriate. Especially since bigger clients have a billing department which is used to have straightforward ways of getting invoices like mail or PDF, and in a standard format. They hate these systems where you need to log in, then click a Pay invoice link, then click the invoice NUMBER (in SIZE 1 FONT) they wish to pay (not the actual name of the invoice, which is confusing for these people) etc. etc. And if you are retorting thinking "oh come on they shoudl figure it out" well, they are the billing department. They manage 50 invoices a day and calculate financial data and frankly they dont want to learn this rediculous system to pay your company. It wont get paid, you'll need to prod them all the time.... if your customers are all techies it will be ok. Businesses, forget it man.

    - On the actual billing side of things, it lacks terribly. And this is the main idea of the software. Basic billing features have or had bugs or are lacking. Until 4.3, they didn't even apply credit to invoices properly unless the invoices were cronned. And cronned invoices had the wrong date because of another bug.

    -PayPal importing is a mess. Dont even ask. If you dont cancel all subscriptions (ie in some cases destroy your entire revenue stream) then basically payments will be applied very strangely.

    -IMHO, I found what they said id get out of it misleading. It sounded like all my billing would be automated, payments collected, and if not, the system will follow up. First of all, its a lot of work to automate it. Your need to set up a lot of cron jobs. Second, the entire "smooth sailing" fantasy that it makes you believe in is not correct because clients cant navigate the rediculous interface, and so you can't turn the automation features on without deleting clients who would probably pay.

    -They often claim features are coming out, and then they just dont. This is just horrible. My business was is so reliant on PDFs, and they kept claiming and claiming its coming out. The only reason i got it was because i thought it was. And when there are problems, most of the time the fixes are done by their own customers, who spend our free time coding around their problems.

    I guess its for some people. Not me, but now Im forced to live with it. Id say, mb and ce on a leased license for 1 or 2 months and manually import 10 clients into each. See which one is best for you.

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    Is modernbill really that bad for non-technical customers?
    So far I have not needed to make 31 posts thanks to the search function.

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    I been using modernbill for 2 yrs but i can say i am not satisfied with their theme/interface et al, what cyman mentioned is unfortunately true.

    But i am stuck with some 200+ clients on roll so cant switch easily

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    Yes ModernBill's interface, especially their client billing manager and ordering pages, are what I'd describe as "stingy".

    Stingy meaning, everything is overly small, undescriptive, and takes a techie to feel comfortable with. The entire system appears to have been developed for programmers, not end users.

    As for the billing, yes there are many missing features that make it ridiculously tedious to work with. Will take too long to list them all.

    With that said, it works much better than that any of those crappy third-party processors, like Paysystems (crooks). I've not tried other billing systems so I can't say how MB stacks up against them. I have gripes, and hope MB addresses them in the near future. For now, it works and is ok I guess.

    Oh and their tech support is ridiculously bad.

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    Anything I have to handle, I can deal with. Nothing can have a poorer interface than an Apple IIe.

    I'm just worried about my clients.
    So far I have not needed to make 31 posts thanks to the search function.

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