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    Have EV1 given up on Domains ?

    I was just wondering if anyone knew the situation with Ev1servers domain registering situation.
    They have been offline for domain registering for a little while now.

    Personally, I have been involved in a ding-dong battle with Ev1 for some time now. I accused them of scamming months and months ago.

    The extent of my accusations were that they began a domain registering program which they never intended to last, and was used solely as a marketing gimmick to lure in customers in order to offload and promote their servers. When their own ends were taken care of, domain only customers would be surplus to requirements!!
    That was unfortunately my experience with them. I was just curious if anyone had similar difficulties with them, or was aware of their domain registering situation.

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    I have never had difficuties with them. If you check thier site, or even thier forums you will see that they have just recently became ICANN accredited and will be rerolling out a new domain registration system in the very near future.

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    Ev1servers are currently developing a new system. They won't give anyone an ETA on it's completion. But they still accept new registrations via a fax/email in form to [email protected]. If you have any problems you should contact them at [email protected], they are very helpful and will do their best to accomodate your needs. As for existing domains/customers, they can still login to the old system and do renewals etc.

    They are by no means stopping their domain offerings, they have just been ICANN accredited and are working extremly hard to get a new system online.


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    very bad move stopping the system to re-design the whole thing.

    they should developed the application before getting accredited!
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    They just suck.

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    be it or not... i gave up on ev1..(for the time being, at least)

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    I was going to register about 50 domains with them but concidering that they dont allow and signups I decided to go somewhere else. Their loss eNom's gain
    I think that they should have thought ahead.
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    Originally posted by Bakie
    .... I decided to go somewhere else. Their loss eNom's gain
    wise move
    U need system like eNom's to handle domains in bulk

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    Unless they make the domain names evern cheaper they will lose many customers by this move
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    Originally posted by notloggedin
    They just suck.
    They amazingly have a lot of customers for being a "sucky" provider as you claim...

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    just goes to illustrate how many people value the low price over service and support.
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