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    Credit Card Processing

    Just asking for some opinions or suggestions, but who uses credit card processing for their web hosting company, and if so, what company do you use?

    I'm looking (once again) into this, and maybe this time might go through with it. I'd like some suggestions on the best processing company, or other suggestions.


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    Lots of people use because it is implemented into a lot of different billing systems (modernbill, whmautopilot, etc).

    You can also use which has a $49 sign up charge then transaction fees. If you are serious about a good merchant I would go with authorize and skip 2co

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    I would recommend that if you're serious, go for a merchant account. Preferrably one that offers the gateway.

    Merchant account providers are discussed frequently on this board, just do a search and start digging! Good luck!
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    We have had good luck with WorldPay.

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    We use eprocessing (

    Depends on what you are going to do with your acct.
    Resell hosting?
    Get a processor that will work with your host billing software.
    If selling goods then which cart will you be using, and match up the processor with your software,ect.


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    We also use CDGCommerce. Everything has been working great since the release of Merchant Poral 2.

    Also, is only a gateway. I don't think they provide direct merchant services.
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    paypal wont be too bad, for both paypal and credit card payment.

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    PayPal - most recognized but sometimes will put a hold on your account if they suspect anything is wrong

    ProPay - good but its all manual so if you have more than 30 or so customers it may be time consuming. They dont allow bulk uploads either

    Auth.Net - common but you have to pay a monthly fee, and a gateway fee, and a processor its extra for DS and AX

    PlugNPay - not as common and their interface is a ball of confusion, but it works if you don't have good credit or if you host adult sites has a special rate for webhosting companies. I don't know anything about it but I've seen it referenced a couple of times.


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    Has anyone used ProPay? Can I have it specify what name is shown on the credit card bill (the business name, of course), or how would that work?

    ProPay looks good, because I want to be able to enter the details manually, because I offer domains, SSL certificates, etc. so I want to be able to bill them when they buy them, and not wait for them to do it.

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    ProPay will say propay on cc bill

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