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    Rack Space Data Center London

    I just wanted to share with you our experience so far with RackSpace in London.

    We have been with them for just over 1 year now and their service has been incredible.

    Support has been on average under 15 minuets for a reply to a normal ticket, and 5 minutes for an 'Urgent' ticket with concise professional help and solutions at every level.

    I am particularly impressed today owing to RackSpace having to announce at very short notice; data centre maintenance that may result in 5 to 10 minuet downtime AND following up on their standard emails with personal telephone calls to all their affected clients to make sure that the centre had all the necessary or special instructions and any updated passwords ect that might be needed to restart their clients servers.

    This is the sort of service one really appreciates from a data centre and rarely finds.

    A big thanks to all the RackSpace staff and my highest recommendations to anyone that is considering managed dedicated server hosting.

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    They don't sell hosting at $1.99!...

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    Well, they have to make up for posts like this one:

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