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    Windows 2003 - set file permissions for ASP component

    There is a component that I installed which I am trying to get working. The component dynamically creates a PDF file and saves it to a folder called "myfiles".

    The component is not currently working. I need to set "write" permissions to the myfiles folder. Logging on via RDP I right click on the myfiles folder and click on properties. Clicking on the Security tab it looks like I need to add permissions to the folder for the component to work properly.

    What user permissions do I need to add to this folder? What is the name of the user to add?


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    Give "Network Services" modify permission.

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    Add IUSER account to the folder and provide Modify permissions on it. This should resolve the issue. In case the page is a NET version, then make sure IISWPG and ASPNET user are also added.

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