I am the head of the marketing department for Forums.com. We are a reputated company since years and have served to many places.

Our site is www.forums.com .
I have seen many people advertising their services here so i thought there is no harm.

A brief info about our services:

Forum Skins
Looking for a template or professional skin for your forum? Then you have come to the right place. We have designed many unique forum skins perfect for any forum. Browse through some of our professional designed forum skins today or submit a request for a free custom quote.
Our prices range from 150-350.
http://www.forums.com/forumskins.htm is our Portfolio for Skins!


Forum Installation.
If you recenlty purchased forum software or thinking of purchasing forum software, have our technicians install it for you.
If you are unfamiliar with PHP/MySQL and other server configuration parameters, you may want to have one of our technicians setup or upgrade your forum. We will install your forum software and have it run problem free. There are various issues that can go wrong when installing forum software such as security issues that can result in a hacker having access to your forum and server. Our technicians have been in the business for many years and know every possible angle to making sure such security issues to not arise.
We can install all forum software packages including:
And Many More...

Our installation services support all operating systems as long as the forum software supports them.
If you are upgrading from an older versions, as part of our upgrade installation package all of your forum data will be imported to the new version.

The pricing for our services are as follows:
New Forum Installation: - $99.95

Forum Upgrade Service: - $49.95 *Includes all necessary patches and updates provided by the software company.

Forum Installation and 1yr Upgrade Support: - $199.95

Forum Installation with Sub-Domain at Forums.com: - $299.95 *Includes your choice of available subdomains: yourdomain.forums.com *Includes 1yr support and sub-domain registration

We have all kind of forum softwares too:

Forum Press Releases.

Promote your forum

Custom Avators

Website templates


If you want specail discounts leave me a pm with your msn or email.

Thank you.