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    Affordablehost connectivity problem, can seem to get a resolution from their support.

    For a little over a week, I have been unable to connect to the Affordablehost server which hosts my company's website and mail server. I've been working to find the root of the problem, but I haven't had any luck and the support staff at Affordablehost seem almost absent.

    I notice that there is a hullaballoo about the recent sale of Affordablehost, and perhaps this might explain why I have only received one rather unhelpful sentence from their support in 3 days.

    So, I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight into what the problem might be, so I can expedite the process with their support staff.

    The situation is thus.

    I cannot get a response from the server which hosts our site and mail. This is Our domain is, and obviously I cannot get any response from that domain either.

    Expanding that study, I cannot get a response from the majority of Affordablehost's network.

    Sites, I have tried and get no response from:

    Sites that respond:

    Now, I thought perhaps since I am on a IP (subnet, that maybe I was suffering from an out of date blacklist. However, I have searched a number of meta-lists and the only ones that list 59.x.x.x are those which are labeled as "do no use" because they are very out of date.

    I've done a great deal of tracerouting from remote machines and I found that this problem isn't isolated to just my local machines, subnet, country (Australia), etc.

    Here are some traceroute web services that do not get a response from




    The two that I found which work.

    Would anyone with more knowledge of routing be able to decifer this mystery? I would be greatly obliged, since right now I cannot contact customers and I just know my unread mail is mounting up.


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    both work for me

    look at your nameservers here:

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    Yes, I forgot to mention that the site is functioning if you can reach it. It just so happens that I cannot, and it seems that that applies to more than just myself.

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