Hey , well im starting a new gaming website , and i need a few staff to work for free but if they have web design skills then , there is gonna be a section where they can show theyre work and hopefully sell it !

Theyre will also be a part on the hosting , and they can upload their images and stuff. I already have bigtime gamers who are gonna put in 100% commitment to the website. So im looking for at least 4 or 5 workers from here to work for usand do the same. (** Some staff will be teaming up to write reviews/walkthroughs etc on one platform to get more up at once.**)

We are looking for an update every day.

If you would like to apply then hit me up on msn or aim.

AIM - chopper2oo3 and fxuxlgfx ( add both )
MSN - [email protected]

Email - [email protected]