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    Recommended firewall for windows server 2003?

    What firewall does everybody recommend for windows server 2003. I want one that doesnt use much cpu and doesnt use much memory and i want it to have minimum impact on my server.

    I have looked at black ice server protected, mcafee firewall and zone alarm pro. Which do you recommend out of these and are there anymore?

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    Sygate is another one. I found a free one, have not tried out, but looks interesting

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    Use the built-in IPSec or Windows SP1 owns firewall.

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    Sorry i forgot to mention Good in my post.

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    Visnetic from DeerField is a good one and allows you to configure the firewall settings before you reboot after the first install. This prevents a lock out of the server if you are installing the firewall remotely. Moreover, it also has a remote connectivity tool which does not require you to logon to the server. You can manage your firewall remotely using that tool.

    One thing is certain that a hardware based firewall is the best option, but if budget is a concern, then Visnetic is a good choice.

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    I used Visnetic a couple of years ago on a Windows 2000 Server, and was reasonably pleased with it, although if you're going to spend $200+ for a software firewall, why the heck not just take the step and get a hardware firewall? And then run IPSec locally for an extra layer?

    You did say "good" but seriously, you can come a long way with ipsec--doesn't provide fancy interface like Visnetic, but it's rock solid, and it's free.

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    We also used VisNetic before and was happy with it.


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