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    Free Image Hosting Site for Sale Bid starting at $50!

    I am selling my free image hosting site becuase i need money for other projects i have.

    Info on the site:
    has 40 active members
    over 500 images uploaded
    17 Galleries

    Site uses about 35Mb disk space and around 1Gb bandwidth a month.
    It gets around 50 visitors per day. (Click Here to see)

    Has a easy to use admin panel with some custom addons.
    The custom admin addons are duplicate user check,sent email to members,and a detailed stats page (Click Here to see )

    It really doesn't make much from google ads.

    Start bidding at $50 BIN:$500

    Anymore questions Please PM me.

    NOTE: This site is also posted in 1 other forum. will post updates if there are any bids of PM or on other forum.

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    I'll start with $50

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    thank you for your bid anyone else. talkfreelance has high bid still at $100 anyone else?

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    current bid is $125

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