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    Need Advice For New Site

    Hi everyone I plan on opening a site in the next few days thats main content is going to be videos of fairly large size. There will be a new video every week and each video will be about 40mb. The one thing that is worrying me is im afraid this site will be so popular that I will have bandwidth and server issues due to so many downloads. Right now the site is hosted on a basic shared account that is stable. (

    So do you think it would be a good idea to go ahead and let the site go live and have the possibility of it buckling under all the traffic?

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    First get on a virtual private server, that is a step up and from there you can eventually go to dedicated if necessary

    Second brand the videos with your URL

    Third use adclicks and ad banners in order to maximise profit from the dls. Don't let people right-click dl the movies, make them load in the page (internet explorer objects) or compiled into flash videos, so that they are looking at ads the whole load time. Saying that clicking ads will increase your download speed by 15% will probably get you a LOT of adword clicks if you have them on your site and if your server can work something out like that :p
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    All the videos are going to be watermarked for sure. I'd like to find a way to have the videos load in the page but its going to be difficult as im using the Mambo CMS and theres no real simple way to do that without some sort of custom component.

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    Actually, it isn't difficult at all. I'll pull up the tags for you, when I have time, I have to go sleep now. Basically it's just some HTML. Google 'embedded object' and 'movie'.
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    Hmm i think id rather have the people be able to download the video onto their computer and watch it. The main idea is people are going to have to register to download the whole video which they will most likely want to. (no its not a porn site)

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    Do you have good reason to think it is going to be popular?

    I'm not trying to ask a dumb question but if you are certain it is going to be popular then I would definitely think about moving it to a vps or dedicated platform. If you're just hoping it might then you could let the site grow a bit and confirm that you will be getting the traffic you expect and then growing into something more robust.
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    Moved to the Web Hosting Forum. I have been through this before with one client. After going through four shared accounts I finally talked then into upgrading. Start with a VPS and if needed move to a dedicated server.

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    I'd say go VPS/managed dedicated if it grows, but are you sure it will be so popular? do you have a marketing strategy already worked out?

  9. I would recommend using a limited, cheaper host until the site grows. The you need to work out whether or not you can afford a dedicated server.

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    vps or dedicated are your best option. if you decide to start with a sharted, just read the TOS and AUP very carefully as many hosts put some limits on media file size.

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    I would first talk to your hosting provider and see if they are willingto work with you. They may. If not look into a dedicated server that is unmetered. I do not know how much you budget is but if this is as successful as you say, that should not be a majot issue. I would not consider VPS at all since you are still technically on a shared server that will allow people to limit you more. If i was running a VPS and you were running a site like this, all sorts of flags would be raised.

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    Get a dedicated... VPS will not work too well because of your limited memory.
    Get a cheap self managed linux dedicated server,

    both those companies are good. Go for RAM speed and Hard Drive space. You don't need a super super super fast Dual Xeon thing, a single P4 or AMD will be fine.

    Good luck,

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