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    How to fake http_referer


    am new here, i spent lotsa time searching around internet on how to fake http_referer, i mean how to send fake referer, i used perl in programing.


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    I assume that you are getting the page using handcrafted perl? in that case you just need to add a "Referrer:" header into your request.

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    Referrer has to be provided from the client. You can't do it server-side. Some browsers allow you to hide or possibly even designate the referrer field. I expect Perl lets you do it with a HTTP request..look for request header field settings.

    I'm guessing you could probably have a local proxy server strip and/or fake http-referrers, but I haven't looked into it.

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    thanks guys for the reply

    i need to know how to fake the referrer to other server, like

    cgi program run cgi program run
    <perl server1> -----> <perl server2>

    i need to know is how to pass fake http_referer from server1 to server2

    there is a domain( execute a perl program and the program check and if the http_referer came from outside it will denied or if not, it will grant.

    is there a way or is it possible to fake it?

    sorry for my bad english.


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