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    Zend Optimizer Installation

    Im developing a site for a client of mine and he asked me this for which I dont know what to reply.
    I'm looking at trying out some software that requires me to install zend optimiser on the server.
    I thought most web-hosts have zend optimizer installed ? My client has a dedicated server but won't the webHosting Co install it for him ?


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    Yes most will.
    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwww it's broke

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    Well I guess it depends on whether it's a managed or unmanaged server, as well as how eager the company is at customer support. We install it by default. On all dedicated we setup, and will even install some others if it doesn't require a ton of configurations. So if it is unmanaged, no, the webhosting company is not obliged to. Should they go beyond the call of duty? Yes. But that's a call for the company.

    In any case, it's fairly easy to install. I can pop it up in like 30 seconds. If you need help on it, feel free to ask.
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    The servers are many times installed with zend. It is sometimes zend engine. In case it is not there you can ask the provider of the server and get that confirmed.

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