I need a dedicated host. I currently host shared with PAIR.
PAIR prices are too high, I am looking for $99/mo, but will
accept up to $140/mo or so with diminishing delight.

I have created a list of ideals:

I prefer "managed", given what I understand of the term. I do
not want to become an administrator. To do so well would make my
need for a server obsolete, as my career would have changed.
Many other ideals in this list are highly dependent or reactive
to this first ideal. Feel free to let me know which among these
is entirely unreasonable or impossible with a managed server. I
want "managed" to mean they handle all system software and
server hardware issues and do so very well, as PAIR currently
does for my shared account.

I know how to use *nix, I even know how to administer *nix.
For this reason I feel I don't need a control panel, but I
will admit I know very little about them.


The network will be very good.

I want fully burstable bandwidth.

I want a 100MBit connection to the network or greater. 10Mbit
is too little (1280k/s, ie. half a dozen broadband connections
or less)

I want a 2.4ghz machine or so with perhaps 512mb ram. If
possible, the hard drive should be faster rather than larger. I
prefer pentium iv to celeron, but am not yet sure I want or do
not want hyperthreading, so I may go the celeron route simply to
avoid HT if that is what I decide. I have definite, but slightly
esoteric, reasons to prefer or not prefer hyperthreading. I do
not want to hear what you think about hyperthreading.

I want ECC memory with a chipset/mobo that supports it, not
just allows it. At the very least the chipset/mobo should be
capable of logging ECC errors to a log accessible via the BIOS
(like my i875pbz desktop mobo). I do not need access to this
BIOS log. I mention it as a mechanism by which one can easily
verify the chipset supports ECC. I have definite, but slightly
esoteric, reasons to prefer or not prefer ECC. I do not want to
hear what you think about ECC.


I want FreeBSD, but I might settle for a non-redhat-derived
Linux (like Debian).

I need to run python daemons. These are server software I
author. The ability to run custom daemons is the biggest
reason I need a dedicated server
. Ideally these will run
at startup and be easily configured to do so.

I need to run qmail.

I need catch all e-mail addresses, so all mail sent to
[email protected] will go to existing account [email protected] when
userx is not an actual user. I believe this is a common
mechanism. I use it with PAIR.


I want advanced email support, tied into web support, and
phone call support if needed in emergency. I get the same
on a cheap shared PAIR account currently (fyi).

I most definitely want SUPREME hardware knowledge and
experience. I expect my ideal host will run select pieces of
hardware throughout, like PAIR, replacing parts quickly and
preventing problems. I don't think a colo or reseller can
provide this.

I want them to replace hard drives before there is a problem,
without me worrying about backups and long downtime. This is how
PAIR works. I expect them to know what hard drive models, not
just companies, are good and bad. I expect them to be very
informed and learn about the latest hardware's flaws or merits
before it becomes common knowledge. For me, this is one measure
of their aptitude.

the end

I have investigated a number of hosts but I feel overwhelmed, so
I created this list of ideals as an alternate path to finding a
dedicated host. I only half-expect to find a host capable of
providing all these ideals.

Please recommend hosts that meet most of these requirements.
Do not reply if you do not like my requirements, for whatever
reason. That would only be disruptive.