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    Selling fully developed Web Development Community


    I have decided I do not have the time to put in as much effort as I need into this site, so before it even takes off like I had hoped it to do, I will sell it for the right offer.

    As you can see, it is fully developed, and all that really needs to be done is promotion, and the work that comes along with that. When I last checked (as in the time of writing this post), it had 882 pages indexed in Google, a whopping TWO pages in Yahoo!, and 553 pages in MSN. In addition it also has a Google PageRank (PR) 4, according to to and (with the www. infront). also says that it has 108 backlinks in Google.

    Edit: Formatting was screwed when I included the links to check the indexed pages, so to check for yourself, type in the search engine you want to check it in

    And then to answer the burning question, no, the site is not generating any profits currently, because as I said I have done no promotion of the site yet, but it is fully developed, and has good conditions in the SE's to get popular relatively fast if someone has the time to put some decent work into it.

    It is running on vBulletin (obviously), and it has vBadvanced installed, as well as two other hacks (Geek Article System for the articles and a Link script for the Links page). The site is completely unique and you will get all rights for it.

    With the leased vB license (which has about 10 months left), I will sell it for $500 (which in my opinion is a scoop, considering how much time I've put into the development already).
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