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Thread: The Apprentice!

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    The Apprentice!

    Well Kendra won!

    I personally think this was a good choice, she is a much better leader than Tana.

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    Tana lost my respect when she went to bed early instead of sticking with Kendra to complete the Pontiac test.

    She fully lost my respect and gained my disdain when she talked trash about her team in the final task. I really cannot stomach people who look so sweet on the inside but inside are just rotten.

    I think they tried to make a competition of it tonight but it was so obvious that Kendra was going to be the choice.
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    At the beginning I liked Tana better but then toward the end, I saw Kendra was really going forward and was capable of handling hard tasks. She deserves it

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    This year's Apprentice was a bit dull...

    Tana was too full of herself so she pretty much dug her own grave!

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    Yeah, this season definately was not the Best and the Brightest.

    I would have liked to see Tana win, because I think she has a lot of abilty. But she really did screw up on that last task.
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  6. I think Tana screwed up more when she took that nice nap during a task.
    I'd say Kendra was the right choice.
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    Tana was outstanding, but she blew it for herself, it made the finale kind of anti-climactic, because Trump wouldn't be able to hire someone who treats their employees like that on national TV.

    Kendra was real good, but I do think her final task had fewer components to organize than Tana's. The employee thing is what really threw me for a loop with Tana, that for sure did her in.

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    Personally I was rooting for Tana - I think she excels in many other areas over Kendra and would have been a better choice, putting aside her behavior last week. You have to admit though that her team was a lot more difficult to manage to begin with, especially with Chris being there. Also, in my opinion, managing the NYC 2012 event vs. Best Buy's video game competition soars in complexity.

    Overall I was not impressed with the season finale of the Apprentice. It was such a bore... and all those damn commercial breaks. I'm not even going to get into the lame 'courtroom' setup they had.

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    I don't think the NYC 2012 and the Best Buy's video game event were ever. Personally the NYC 2012 Olympic event needed more effort and managing. I was cheering for Tana but the last couple of tasks she went downhill and Kendra took this oppurtunity to show what she is really made of.

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