I have a co-located server with invisiblehand located at telehouse, NY. I would like to sell this server.

You can either have the server mailed to you, or use the server at its current location. IHN (www.invisiblehand.net) allows for bandwidth purchasing on demand. We are currently getting internap bandwidth for less than $70/mbps on any commit. It is a great setup if you are interested in it. For more information contact IHN or ask me, or keep on reading.

The server comes with everything setup and ready to go, or ready to ship to you. Included is a merkato account ($200 value) needed to participaite in IHN's on-demand bandwidth exchange.

You can ping/trace the server here:

The specs of the server are:

1U Case with advanced thermal cooling system
Tyan Thunder K7X Motherboard
Dual Athlon MP 2400+ Processors
2GB DDR Memory
18.5GB 15K SCSI Disk
Windows 2000 Pro (With tightvnc)
Ordered from http://dualathlonservers.com/

Server is compatitable with almost every OS so feel free to put linux or a different OS on.

The server is a top end machine and runs great. The IHN system can be a bit confusing, so feel free to ask me or them about it - it is honestly one of the most amazing setups ive ever worked with.

The current fees for the server if kept at telehouse are:
$50 rack fee
~$65 per mbps of internap bandwidth used

Please feel free to make an offer.

New, the server would be well over $1200, plus the $200 merkato account allowing you to participaite on IHN's on demand bandwith market.

With that said i am looking to transfer ownership of this server quickly, so i would settle for considerably less.

Anyone interested?