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    And Finally -

    Who in their right minds is going to stick around and wait for a non-responsive hosting company to recover a server days later. Not ME! BUT...since I 'CHOSE to leave' Interland...they will not refund the amount they charged me for May...only credit it to my closed account! HA! So the ONLY way to use my credit is to stick around and let Interland completely destroy any business image I have left.

    That was the last straw. Goodbye Interland - Good riddance - Farewell

    - And now I will do everything in my power to broadcast and influence my circle of business acquantances in message forums, hosting review sites, and beyond to make sure that refunding my money would have been your much simpler and definitely less costly solution.

    Ahh yes..let the impact of bad press begin.

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    Split from old thread.

    netpotato, can you share with us the site that you have with Interland?

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    yes please share your site.
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