We would find your input helpful. If you would like, please briefly answer these questions. Thanks for your help!

1. What type, if any, fraud filtering/scrubbing/prevention tools are you currently using? (either as part of your MSP/gateway package or a thrid party tool, or your own system). If you are not currently using any, then base answers on the tool you have considered or would most likely use.

2. What is the approximate cost of this anti-fraud tool?

3. Would you perfer an integrated solution included with your standard service (your msp/gateway package)? If so, what features would you want this anti fraud tool to include. (please rank in order of preference).

4. At what cost structure (other than free) would you seriously consider changing to from your current anti-fraud tool if a new tool included all or most of your desired freatures?

5 . Do you consider a comprehensive anti-fraud scrubber/filter/prevention tool to be...?:

a) too much extra trouble and expense (I have small volume and don't need it)

b) useful if it didn't cost anything more

c) valueable, but it depends on how much it costs

d) an absolute necessity

e) only necessary if I start experiencing fraudulent activity

f) other..(explain)

Thanks again everyone!