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    [Wanted] Sales and Tech Support Reps


    I'm Loren and I work at SiraNet Wireless as Operations Manager. I have been put in charge of developing the web hosting sector of the company. I have full backing in my decisions from the President and owner.

    This position is paid by commission not only that we allow our employees to purchase products at a discounted rate along with the following benefits:

    Free web hosting for the term of your employment. This will be setup after you refer your first customer. An e-mail address will be setup for you before hand.

    Purchase products at 5% above company cost.

    Positions Available:
    Sales Representative (6 Open Positions)

    Ability to Sell
    Knowledge of WHM / cPanel
    Basic hosting terminology

    Reports To: Operations Manager

    Technical Support Representative (2 Open Positions)
    Must have knowledge of WHM / cPanel
    Must be active on forums
    Experience preferred but not necessary
    Secondary duty is Sales
    Pay negotiable depending on experience

    To apply you may reply to this thread with the following:
    First Name:
    Last Name:
    Email Address:

    Why you should be considered:

    If you don't feel comfortable posting that information please send and e-mail to [email protected] with the subject of What position you are applying for. Then post in this tread that you have done so.

    On the final candidates will have a phone interview and we will work out all details (hours if tech support, number of sales a month, etc.) and you will have a contract that you need to sign. All information is in a non-discloser format.

    I wish all the applicants the best of luck.

    About Our Company

    SiraNet Wireless is a very sucessful WiFi Internet service provider and web hosting firm headquartered in Mount Vernon, WA. Since its creation in early 2004, SiraNet has always had the goal of giving customers the best value, technology, and support for prices that the compition wish they could.

    SiraNet currently is in talks with the city of Mount Vernon, WA and Burlington, WA to expand its WiFi connectivity. This will not only allow us to expand to other areas of the county but push to cities like Everett, WA and Lynnwood.

    As our customers demands become greater we adapt to new avalible technologies

    Best Regards,

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    I sent in an email.

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    I thank everyone for their intrest lots of people have applied and been asked for further information. IF you still wish to apply feel free to do so

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