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    rpc call failed system going to shutdown

    i rented a dedicated server from a company and it had windows server 2003 standard installed on it without any service packs. I am new to servers so and i told the owner and he offered to help me out and told me to change the password and turn on the firewall and turn off telnet i think. Then I proceeded to start downloading the security updates for the computer like service pack 1 when the system shut down. I got the error Remote procedure call has failed your system will shut down in 60 seconds. He told me that that was normal cause i had part of what you need to do in a server setup is goto the rpc service and change all the recovery options for the service failure to Do nothing instead of reboot. So i set those to Do nothing after the server came back online and proceeded to install the service pack. When i rebooted the server it never came back up. This is strange apparently the server was on and there was a login screen on the box itself to login but no internet access. He said his techs looked at it and they needed to get a pro software guy look at it or do a reinstall. either way he said it would cost me between 69-99 dollars to do that because it is an unmanaged server. All i did was exactly what i listed above. step by step. I am just wondering if this is seems right to you. Its probably nothing but that remote procedure call issue bothers me. I dunno tell me what u think. Thanks alot

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    The RPC (Remote Procedure Call) is one of the biggest Windows
    vulnerabilities. It was used by many worms/trojans to gain access
    to a windows based system. The Service Packs did quite a job, in order to fix this problem.
    Apparently something like this has happened. It is not the only possible thing, but to me is the actual one.

    There`s no way for windows hosting company staff not to know
    that Windows 2003 server,without service packs, and running on the Internet is just not right - obviously why.

    You can do two things - pay the fee, but demand that those
    service packs are installed and the server is working properly(ask them to run few tests),
    or you can leave that host and serach for a new one.

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    Sorry that was hard to read let me use punctuation lol
    Wait. So what your telling me that its NOT standard setup procedure to turn off the reboot on fail recovery option for the rpc service? Because when i was talking to him, and the shutdown message popped up, he didnt even hesitate to tell me exactly how to turn it off. And after i installed the service pack, and the server didnt start back up, he said that it was my responibility cause the server worked when i got it. So i told him i thought it was standard procedure to put the service packs on the systems before you give them to a customer live on the internet, but he said no it wasnt. He said thats because there are updates every week and they get outdated so fast. Its the customers responsibility to install the updates and secure the server.

    So when i asked him why it crashed he said that the windows service pack screwed up the server probably and it wasnt them so they were not responsible basically.

    Then i asked him about the rpc shutdown error and why he had me turn those off and he said that that is standard setup procedure. I asked him why and he said: so the server doesnt shut down.

    Then i told him i looked it up in websites and it says that i probably got a worm and he said well he wasnt a windows expert and he hated windows. sigh. so my questions are
    1) is it standard procedure to put on the updates before hooking it on the internet
    2) If not, how do you avoid this from happening
    3) if it is, do you think they made an honest mistake and its fair to charge me for a reinstall of the server
    4) or honest mistake i shouldnt have to pay for.
    5) Or not an honest mistake at all.

    I am pretty upset if what you are saying is the truth. can i here from some other people on your opinions of what i should do.
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    1) it is standart (at least to me) to install all updates, especially for known problems, before exposing any machine to Internet.
    If it is not possible to install those updates without Internet connection, then the FireWall should be on so it can minimze the risk
    from catching worm.

    To me it seems that somebody took advantage, so he can charge you more.
    This reminds me for a recent problem that I had, with one very
    well respected dedicated server provider, who installed WHM/Cpanel, on one partition. Though the very first steps
    of the installation state on how many partitions you should install those(more than 1)
    And when we requested this to be done - No problem!! $50.00 charge for pre-installing the OS... Guess who`s never gonna buy another server from there

    Regarding your case go here, I believe this will provide you with information regarding the problem better than I will.

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