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    Semi/Fake? Clustering Software For WHM/Cpanel

    Hi, I'm looking for semi clustering software / a fake cluster setup for WHM/Cpanel, now let me explain why and what I mean by that....

    I want basically a control panel that turns multiple WHM/Cpanel servers into a giant cluster. This way if one server goes down just a small % of accounts are down as the reseller when creating accounts would naturally have their accounts created over a wide number of servers as we added more and more. I would need the reseller to either be creating this accross from WHM without knowing or a master control panel that auto assigned them new Reseller accounts as they proceeded to create accounts.

    Is this possible? How hard to write if not available? Or Impossible?

    Available anywhere now?

    Thanks, Ben
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    maybe not what you're looking for.. BUT... H-sphere does exactly this.

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