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    Plesk for Windows - creating sub-domain clients

    so you know what i mean i will give examples.

    #1 account: uses domain.

    #2 account: uses sub-domain

    can someone please explain how to do #2 please? i can only seem to make a sub-domain thats not a client account, but some kind of ftp account or something.
    ive only been using a dedicated server, plesk, and windows 2003 for 1 day, so please keep it simple.


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    Once you select the domain, you can make sub domains by clicking on the sub-domain button there and then followint the instructions.

    Let me know if you need any further assistance.


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    I see that i can do that...but how can i give a regular client this sub-domain?

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    May be you can create a regular domain in this name.


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